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Customer Support Websites
Accessing your Personal Website


Personal web-space is accessed using the username portion of your email address. If your email address was “ ”, then the username would be “cotnetuser”.


View your personal web-space from a web browser like this:

Space provides our users with 50MB to 150MB of disk space for creation of a personal website, depending upon which plan you currently subscribe to. At this time we only support FTP for uploading and downloading files to and from your website.

Website Creation Tools

Popular website creation utilities with FTP capability are (no particular order):

Other Tips

 When you login to upload your website, you need to make sure there is a folder called public_html. This is the folder where your website will reside on our server. If this folder is not there, your publishing software should have the ability to create it. Look for something called "Create Directory", "Create Folder", "New Folder" or something similar.

Your default document needs to be named index.html. A default document is what comes up when no page is specified.

Like this: vs.

The former would look to the default document for display. If someone browses to your site using the former syntax and you don't have an "index.html" document, the user will receive an error page.