Cal-Ore Telephone and Telecommunications
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DSL, High Speed Internet Unlimited Local Calling
High Speed DSL

With high-speed Internet, a wealth of information and entertainment is only a mouse-click away. Plan your next vacation. Send pictures to friends and family. It’s the same Internet you’ve always used—only dramatically faster. We have DSL plans to fit your needs and budget. You can get speeds up to 30 times faster than dial-up and free installation.*

Cal-Ore has a superior spam filtering network device that has the ability to handle a massive amount of email quickly and efficiently. We also provide advanced anti-virus protection filtering out viruses at the same time. We filter all your email before they make it to your inbox. This is a service that we provide for our customers at no extra charge! Our spam-filter service updates hourly ensuring around the clock monitoring for new trends in spam and virus threats.

Add local phone service and a long distance plan to give you the flexiblity to call anyone at anytime.

Please read our terms of use for more information, click here.

* Installation fee waived with 1 year contract.
* Must be within 3 miles of Central Office or Remote Cabinet in order to get Cal-Ore's High Speed Internet.

Our Prices
4 Mbps Downstream
1 Mbps Upstream
$39.95 per month
10 Mbps Downstream
  1 Mbps Upstream
$49.95 per month
25 Mbps Downstream
  2 Mbps Upstream
$59.95 per month
25 Mbps Downstream
  4 Mbps Upstream
$79.95 per month
50 Mbps Downstream
  4 Mbps Upstream
$99.95 per month